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  • White Modern Bathroom Sink and Mirror
  • Gray Brick Shower with Glass Door
  • Small Toilet Next to Gray Brick Shower
  • Sink with Striped Shower Curtain Next to It
  • Small Toilet Next to Gray Brick Shower
  • Two Shelves in Shower with Shower Products on Them
  • Sink and Mirror with Toilet Next to It
  • White Sink with Small Mirror Above
  • Smaller White Sink with Small Mirror Above
  • Shelves Inside Shower with Product on Them
  • Sink and Striped Shower Curtain
  • Sink and Striped Shower Curtain
  • Smaller Sink with Mirror
  • Sink and Striped Shower Curtain
  • Small Sink and Toilet Next to Shower


Creative Design Solutions Saves Original Features in Two Bathrooms in Cedar Park, Philadelphia

Location: Cedar Park, Philadelphia

Building type: Twin

Renovation style: Modern

The new owners of this Cedar Park twin were in desperate need to renovate two bathrooms in their Philadelphia home. Outdated and tired finishes as well as awkward bathroom floor plans both pointed to a great opportunity to start from scratch and plenty of room for improvement. Understanding that the poor layout would present a challenge to correct due to the existing walls and surrounding bedrooms, they interviewed us to find out what we could offer as space-planning professionals in Philadelphia. They were excited by our approach to project development and soon hired Bellweather to begin presenting options through our design process  

Early in the project, our team interviewed the homeowners to understand their concerns and most crucial goals in order to set design and development direction. For this project, our expert staff architects and project managers collaborated to find innovative solutions to creatively accomplish two highly functional and appealing bathroom remodels that the clients would love.


Saving Original Details in a Bathroom Remodel

The biggest challenge our Bellweather team needed to solve in the front hall bathroom was how to save the home’s original three-sash Arts and Crafts windows which our clients loved. While these leaded glass windows were absolutely stunning, they were also taking up the bathroom’s biggest wall, where it would be most natural to place a shower fixture. The original layout included a clawfoot tub below the windows, but since the owners wanted to add a shower/tub combo instead, the layout needed to change. 

Since the bathroom had no other wall on which to install a shower/tub, our designers decided on an innovative approach: creating more room by removing an adjacent closet. This opened just enough space for the shower/tub fixture, though further creative accommodations were also needed (such as the L-shaped curtain rod and the built-in tile shelf custom-designed to make space for the windows). 

After fitting all fixtures into place, our designers emphasized the beauty of the windows through a floating mirror solution above the vanity that allows the windows to take center stage. These out-of-the-box design choices enabled our clients to enjoy a fully functional bathroom without losing the beauty of its central feature -- the windows.


How to Design a Small Bathroom Layout that is Functional

Our team faced similar spatial constraints in the rear hall bathroom, which also had extremely limited room to accommodate full bathroom fixtures. This time, however, expanding the bathroom’s square footage would have entailed an expensive chimney removal, which the homeowners wanted to avoid. 

To visually expand the bathroom’s floor space, our team recommended a wall-mounted vanity that leaves the floor uncluttered while still providing adequate storage. Our designer Stephanie Hoffmeier mentioned, “The pros of wall-mounted vanities is that they make a small bathroom feel bigger and can expand the space automatically by keeping the floor beneath exposed.” At Bellweather, we believe floating vanities are a great option when completing a small bathroom renovation in Philadelphia.

Additionally, to make this bathroom feel larger than it is, we selected a frameless glass shower. While some may think the main advantage to frameless glass is its appearance, we often suggest these in order to make the bathroom feel larger than it actually is by keeping visual lines open. We do agree though that the streamlined appearance is more sophisticated than other alternatives, and gives this bathroom the ambiance of a spa. Paired with the serene color of the shower subway tiles adds a sense of calm and order to the space.


Ready to Tackle Your Bathroom Remodel in Philadelphia?

Don’t hesitate to contact us when you’re ready to discuss your own bathroom remodel scope of work. As a design-build firm, we can assist with the full process, from helping you determine how much a new bathroom will cost to ideating designs, and executing your project with perfect quality.


  • FRONT: Minimal floating mirror drawing attention to arts and crafts leaded window sashes.
  • FRONT: L-shaped curtain adapting to window location.
  • FRONT: Custom built-in tile shelf to accommodate windows.
  • FRONT: Curved front apron bathtub for a few more inches of added comfort.
  • REAR: Wall-mounted vanity for extra storage and minimalist appeal.
  • REAR: Blue/gray subway tile and custom glass shower enclosure.