Dillon Kinsey

Field Mechanic

Dillon's construction background started at a young age when he would help his father build handing tools that would be of use not only for home projects but also on his father's actual job sites. Continuing to help his father on renovations up and through high school, the handing of tools transitioned to using of the tools and there his interest in construction really began to take shape. After high school, Dillon took a break from working on his father's construction sites and decided to follow his passion and played ice hockey all over America and Canada. After a four year career, Dillon returned to Philadelphia and the construction field.  Starting back as a mason’s laborer, then entering into commercial work in high-rises, and finally for the last 3 years moving to historic  home remolding. In his free time, Dillon enjoys biking around the city and exploring all Philly has to offer.