Our support begins with a phone conversation about your family's needs and the existing conditions of your home. If the project feels like a good match for us, we will schedule an initial site visit at your house. We will tour the proposed work space together and discuss your ideas, goals, budget, and schedule to define a basic scope for the project. Within a few days, we will complete an internal review with our sales, estimating, and design teams and then present you with a formal design agreement. This agreement will include a work summary with a target budget (to demonstrate our understanding of the inital concept), fee schedule, and short list of "add options" to be explored during design. The DA will also give a step-by-step outline of our design and pre-construction process, including deadlines and calendar milestones to set expectations for everyone.



At the first design meeting, a sales consultant and in-house designer will meet with you to explore your concept in more detail. You will discuss options for flow, structure, furniture layout, lighting, materials, and finishes. We'll encourage you to share Pinterest or Houzz idea collections with us so that we can start to understand your style and identify your favorite project elements. We will then take field measurements of the existing house. The designer will use all of this information to create conceptual floor plans, elevations, and 3-D renderings to help you visualize the design possibilities.

Before we move to the next step, the designer will coordinate multiple visits to your home with experienced members of our team to confirm some existing conditions that could pose pricing risks to you. In this way, we are able to reduce the typical "unexpected" costs charged to you during the construction process.



We meet at Bellweather’s office (or virtually) for the second design meeting. Our design team presents the preliminary drawings and collaborates with you to make adjustments to the concept drawings. We explore the pros and cons of any "add options"that might expand the project scope and budget. This encourages a broader conversation about your priorities such as structure, work areas, budgets, and material selections. Any budgeting questions are answered quickly with help from our in-house estimating team and production staff . Once you are comfortable with the final layout, we move right into product selections.

Our designers can coordinate showroom visits for you and they will prepare product sample boards to help you visualize and support your design ideas. Our designers are experienced and resourceful; they have strong relationships with many local suppliers and product reps. Depending on your project, material selections may include cabinetry, countertops, appliances, tile, flooring, plumbing and electrical fixtures, windows, doors, and hardware. We can help you source specialty materials specific to your project for that personal touch. The designers can help you design and source custom elements as well.

Often, we manage, purchase, and install more than 60 client selected products for a single project! To facilitate this process, we will provide you with an online, mobile-friendly software app that's customized for your project. You will have a detailed material selection list unique to you where everyone can share information in real-time. By making this information available through a simple phone app, your selection options, idea images,  specifications, comments, and questions are available to you, the design team, and our production staff at all times. We respond to your comments and questions within hours, which helps this process move quickly.



Our team will help you complete your selections and narrow down the project scope to match your budget. The budgeting phase is our time to complete an in-depth review with our production team and trade partners to confirm existing conditions, installation requirements, and material specifications. Engineering and code review is critical because we want to reduce the number of possible issues found after construction begins. Our experienced staff will try to provide you with options that save time and money as we all work together to fine tune your scope and make the best use of your resources. 

This stage ends with the presentation of your construction proposal, which should be anti-climactic. Our goal at this point is to have worked through all aspects of the project with you so that you already know what the agreement will include. Since we have been working collaboratively to update your budget throughout the design process, there should be no surprises.


Our design process provides a great deal of client support and transparency. Once you have signed the construction agreement (and paid the deposits), our team will meet to begin the pre-construction process: we finalize the construction documents, including any required zoning or engineering, and then apply for permits; we perform our final walkthroughs with trade partners; we purchase the custom materials from your selection sheet; and we schedule an on-site “hand off” meeting between you, the salesperson, the designer, and the production manager to set clear expectations and lines of communication for the project.

After the hand-off meeting, your project manager becomes your primary contact and is fully up to speed on your project. You are welcome to discuss the project with your designer, but information regarding construction will be with the project manager until the end of the project. Our design to production hand-off process is one of the best in the industry!


Our field staff and trade partners are trained and qualified professionals who have the full resources and support of our production team. Our seasoned construction managers are NARI-trained, OSHA and RRP certified. They work closely with our designers even before construction begins to ensure efficiency, reduce costs, deliver design with quality craftsmanship. We are very attentive: the production team will meet with you weekly for on-site meetings; they will send regular progress updates through the cloud-based software; and they will respond to questions or concerns quickly. Communication is one of our company’s core values. Our entire team prides itself on taking care of you from start to finish – and beyond. We love what we do!


The project isn't finished until you have had every opportunity to test it out. Our 2-year limited warranty leads our competition by leaps and bounds. Once construction has finished, our sales consultant will check-in with you periodically, making sure that your dream space stays that way. We will take direct responsibility for most labor warranty issues and will help you handle your product warranties as well.