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Modern, Traditional Bathroom Remodels

Location: Fairmount, Philadelphia

Building type: Rowhome

Renovation style: Modern

When purchasing a home in Philadelphia, few buyers ever have the experience of finding a house that is the right price, in the right location, and that fits their personal design taste. You should consider yourself lucky to hit two out of three of these goals. Location and price both worked out for one of our clients last year, when they purchased this row home in the Fairmount neighborhood of Philadelphia.

This row home was beautiful and has so much of the original architectural details but most of the bathrooms would need to be completely overhauled. To accomplish this, they would need more than just an architect, general contractor or interior designer firm. They understood the value of partnering with a firm that would take full design and production responsibility for a project of this size. In Bellweather, they found seasoned team members that would provide them with a solid education about how to approach their home, thoughtful design options and some great advice for renovating their historic Philadelphia home.

Our clients approached us for 3.5 bathroom remodels, including a master suite, a hall bathroom, a kids bathroom and a first floor powder room remodel. All of these bathrooms required full gut-renovations, as well as some floor plan reconfigurations in the master suite. This allowed our architectural designers maximum creativity to propose the most functional layouts for the owner’s intended uses.

Creative Bathroom Design Solutions

For the kids bathroom, hall bathroom and powder room, our client's primary goal was to modernize the space while still being sympathetic to the original architectural style of the home. In order to preserve much of the character, carpentry and original details, we needed to maintain the existing location for the window, plumbing, and door to the hallway. While this made space planning more complicated, Stephanie (one of our architectural designers) was able to develop floor plans that improved efficiency and flow through the space, but retained these elements in their original location.

The new proposed floor plans for the kids bathroom included maintaining the tub location, which was in the corner of the room. Our designers worked diligently to find a similar corner style tub that our clients would enjoy. We love how this space turned out and how it integrates with the style and character of the rest of the home.

Seth, the project manager on this job, was extremely happy with how everything came together. He mentioned, “Communicating long distances in different time zones with clients who were in the process of having a child had its challenges. But with diligence, transparency, and clear communication we worked through each obstacle together which led to a very successful outcome."

Modern Yet Traditional Bathroom Design

The most challenging aspect of renovating old homes is improving the space without dramatically changing the architectural style. We presented several material and finish options to our clients that all had a slightly modern interpretation of the original bathrooms.

Stephanie Hoffmeier, a Bellweather designer, mentioned "I've worked with many parents who decide to pursue neutral finishes in kid's bathrooms. This design choice allows variable accessories such as paint color, shower curtains, towels, etc. to provide the pop of color or pattern that provides the real character -- allowing the space to change and adapt over time with the children’s personalities."

In both bathrooms, we went with modern accents and mixed metals. These include black plumbing fixtures and accessories, while the brass bar lighting adds a traditional touch that blends well with the overall style. One of our favorite selections in this bathroom is the bee-themed hardware, a fun and whimsical touch for the kids to enjoy! Can you spot it?

Partner with Bellweather Design-Build

If you’re looking for the best bathroom remodeler near you adept at working with historic homes, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re eager to help you accomplish your remodeling goals on time and on budget. Get started on your bathroom remodel in Philadelphia by reviewing our design checklist, then scheduling your initial consultation!

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  • Corner Tub
  • Progress Lighting: Bronze Bath Bar
  • Tile Bar: Alesso Deco Marla Matte Porcelain Tile
  • Tile Bar: Terrazzo Hex Blue Porcelain Tile