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Fitler Square Roof Deck with Glass Wall

Location: Fitler Square, Philadelphia

Building type: Rowhome

Renovation style: Modern

Over the past 25 years our long-time client has hosted us for many skyline roof-deck parties. Our staff looks forward to magical warm summer evening views of Philly's skyscrapers.

When she called us to consider the aging deck, patio doors and roof system, we discussed a number of solutions and arrived at schedule for replacement of the tired components, to be completed in stages.

Exterior Rooftop Upgrades for Better Operation and Performance

First, we presented a selection of custom colored fire-engine-red fiberglass doors including a patio-sliding door, trimmed with waterproof PVC trim, custom center keystone detail and flanking lobby style glass sconces. The glass door panels were upgraded to include energy-efficient glazing and between-the-glass blinds to cut down on solar gain in mid-summer. We completed the new look with a custom Sherwin Williams color to match the factory red doors.

We then planned for a new stucco finish on the adjacent property as well as new huge, oversized skylights and all new roof membrane. Last, we redesigned and re-engineered the wood decking, welded new railings and steel substructure.

The roof deck and all components now has a new life! We celebrated with a staff party on the deck of course, the skyline lit behind us.

If you haven't yet read the sister story discussing the design-build process for this project, here it is.


  • New energy-efficient windows and doors
  • Between-the-glass blinds