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  • Traditional kitchen and dining room remodel with brown wooden dining table by Bellweather Design Build in Philadelphia
  • Bold blue-patterned backsplash in remodeled traditional kitchen by Bellweather Design Build in Philadelphia
  • Wooden staircase home remodel with small bench at bottom of staircase in Philadelphia by Bellweather Design-Build
  • Beautifully remodeled traditional kitchen with wooden table dining area by Bellweather Design-Build in Philly
  • Bright kitchen remodel with wooden table sitting area in Philly by Bellweather Design-Build
  • Large white kitchen island with built-in sink in new traditional kitchen remodel byBellweather Design-Build in Philadelphia
  • Traditional kitchen remodel with blue textured backsplash and island with built-in sink by Bellweather Design-Build in Philadelphia
  • White kitchen island with sink and glass chevron backsplash tile by Bellweather Design-Build in Philadelphia
  • Oven and glass chevron backsplash tile in transitional kitchen remodel by Bellweather Design-Build in Philly
  • Quaint dining room and kitchen remodel with brown wooden table and blue chairs by Bellweather Design-Build in Philly
  • Remodeled wooden stairway with storage bench by Bellweather Design-Build in Philadelphia

Charming Center City Rowhome Gets Remodeled for Modern Living

Location: Southwest Center City, Philadelphia

Historic rowhomes in Philadelphia possess an undeniable charm, but they are not always well-suited for modern family life. Such was the case with this three-story rowhome, built in the Southwest Center City neighborhood of Philadelphia in 1915. Our team at Bellweather Design-Build was brought on to upgrade the layout and function of the rowhouse while maintaining the original character and incorporating a couple of modern design elements.

The remodel began with some major structural changes to the rowhome. We modified the structural opening that encompasses the main foyer and stairwell to build an additional stairwell leading down to the recently finished basement. The goal was to meet the family’s need for increased cohesion and continuity in terms of first-floor transitions.

The client also wanted a major overhaul of their kitchen, which sits on the first floor of the rowhome. For the remodel, we applied an open concept floor plan, so the kitchen now flows seamlessly toward the back of the house. We also updated the layout to feature a tighter, more efficient working triangle involving the sink, stovetop/oven range, and refrigerator. As per the homeowner's request, we installed new cabinetry, an additional countertop surface to prep food, and a new eat-in feature that better suits their current tastes. Implementing better storage solutions into the kitchen was another important task wrapped into the overall scope of work.

The main goal was to create an updated space that meets the demands of the family's current lifestyle and daily habits. We prioritized convenience and efficiency, while also improving the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen. After we completed the project, the homeowners were more than happy to share these thoughts with us, “Bellweather does quality work and is very communicative throughout the process. We are very pleased with our results!” 

Charming and Comfortable

For the interior style of this remodel, we stuck to primarily traditional architectural and design elements. However, the homeowners had a desire to weave a few modern elements into the design. The kitchen backsplash, for instance, encapsulates this contemporary influence, as it features variant glass chevron tiles. We also installed trendy two-tones cabinets, a kitchen design element that is enjoying immense popularity as of late.

“Modern” is also a term that could be applied to some of the infrastructure we added during the remodel. For the multi-unit conventional HVAC system, our team installed three new outdoor heat pump units and an indoor air handler with auxiliary heat to more effectively cool and heat the house throughout the year. Additionally, we applied spray foam insulation to the foundation walls to create a consistent air seal and increase energy efficiency throughout the rowhome.

While manufacturing and shipping delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic caused another challenge for this rowhome remodel, the clients were flexible and our team navigated the delays to complete a major project that will improve our clients’ long-term quality of life during their time in Philadelphia’s historic City Center.

Working with Bellweather Design-Build 

At Bellweather Design-Build, we are invested in providing each client with a unique and positive home remodeling experience in Philadelphia and the Main Line area. Our refined design-build method not only promotes productive builder/client collaboration, it also encourages other design and remodeling specialists to contribute solutions during the planning process. 

Allow us to support you through one of the most rewarding investments of your life by contacting us today


  • Variated glass chevron backsplash tile 
  • Two-toned kitchen cabinets 
  • Multi-unit conventional HVAC system installed 3 new outdoor heat pump units and indoor air handler with auxiliary heat to warm and cool the house
  • Applied spray foam insulation to the foundation walls to give a consistent air seal and increase energy efficiency