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Building Up and Building Out: Design Solutions to Live Better in Your Home 


Home additions come in many shapes and sizes, creating a new opportunity for you and your family. Whether you’re looking at building up or building out, the goal of a home addition is to help you live better in your home. Creating new spaces requires careful consideration of your needs and desires. Building an addition that looks like it was part of the original structure takes exceptional skill and craftsmanship.

Materials, technology, and how the space is used changes and grows over time. Because of this, we spend a lot of time getting to know you and your needs intricately. Together, we will take a look at what the space needs to achieve, how you plan to use the area now and in five years from now, and what this means for the existing structure of your home. In the end, a home addition should respect its original structure while creating the modern functionality and features required in the present.

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Four-story home addition in Philadelphia.
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Types of Home Additions in Philadelphia

Additions create new spaces for your family to enjoy. Home additions may include adding a master suite with a walk-in closet, a multi-use basement, or addition that showcases hobbies or collectibles, like a home theatre room or custom wine cellar. Home additions in Philadelphia may include a sunroom or porch and a rooftop deck to create more entertaining and relaxation spaces.

Below are a handful of popular home additions here in Philadelphia and its Main Line Suburbs:

Master Suite Addition

Master suite additions can vary based on the original structure of your home and the design you have in mind, but often include luxury features like spacious lounging areas, high-end gas fireplaces, a walk-in closet, or an enclave for a home office. 

This master suite addition (right) features a large bedroom with space for two home office spaces. Learn more about this award-winning addition here

Master Suite Addition in Philadelphia
Master Bathroom Addition in Philadelphia

Master Bath Addition

Say goodbye to the small and cramped bathrooms of the 20th century by creating extra space for the most important rooms of the home. Relax in a comfortable space designed for two by adding a bump-out or even a dormer window for additional square footage.

Learn more about this stunning master bathroom dormer expansion in Chestnut Hill. 

Multi-Use Basement 

Turning an unfinished basement into a new, useable space is the ultimate way to grow your home's footprint without adding square footage or infringing on precious yard space. Consider turning your unused basement into a kid's playroom, an office or area for a home business, or even a spa-like pool.

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Multi-Use Basement in Philadelphia
Rooftop Deck in Philadelphia

Rooftop Decks 

Looking for more entertaining (or relaxing ) space but don’t have the ability to build out? Then go up! Rooftop decks are perfect for enjoying the Philadelphia skyline and taking in a good book or hosting a BBQ with friends. 

For more inspiration on rooftop renovations in Philadelphia, take a look at our blog: "A Roof Deck for a Skyline View in Philadelphia

Porches and Sunrooms

Enjoy the sights and sounds of Philadelphia from the comfort of home. Porchess and sunrooms offer a unique way to welcome guests into your home, or relax alone or with friends and family.

Porches expand your homes usable outdoor space, while sunrooms create a unique “modern day porch” to protect you from the elements and bring the “outdoors “inside. 

Click here to learn more and view photos from this porch remodel in Chestnut Hill

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How Much Does a Home Addition Cost in Philadelphia? 

Renovating a home can often make it seem bigger than it is, but sometimes you have no choice but to add on. Home additions are certainly an investment, but they generate a return on your resale value, as well as your enjoyment of the space. The right home addition for you makes your life easier and solves problems without forcing you to sell your property and move somewhere else.

An addition tends to be one of the more expensive home improvements. This is because you are expanding the living space where there might have been nothing previously. In many cases, you need to add all components of the structure, from the exterior framing to the decorative finishes that make the project uniquely yours. Below are typical investment costs for a handful of popular home additions in Philadelphia and its Main Line Suburbs. 

Master Suite Addition

Making an older or established home fit into your modern life may call for the addition of a master suite. The cost range on this project varies dramatically due to your unique expectations on square footage and layout. A master suite addition is often a significant investment in living space. A typical master suite ranges from 300 to 600 square feet, which helps to explain the price. In this project, you can expect lots of luxury additions, like a lounge with bookcases or a high-end gas fireplace. With plenty of room to move, you can add a spacious walk-in closet or one for each person. A full bathroom completes the package so that you can refresh without having to leave the comfort of your own space. A master suite addition typically requires an investment between $165,000 and $221,000. 

Basement Addition:

Many homeowners would use a basement if they only had one. Others would delight in the extra space and practical use made by a renovation of their unfinished basement. In an area where space can be at a high premium, maximizing every available inch is key. Basement additions and renovations vary significantly based on what you have currently and where you want to go with it. You can finally have a great place for:

  • Kids and teenagers to relax with friends
  • A home theater
  • High-class wine storage

Remodeling an unfinished basement provides endless room for creativity. This might be the perfect spot to create that luxurious master suite. Don’t forget elements that make the space sustainable and convenient, like a bathroom or small kitchen. The typical basement renovation in Philadelphia typically requires an investment between $70,000 and $130,000. For more information on basement remodeling costs in Philadelphia, click here

Rooftop Deck Addition

Imagine the perfect day for entertaining outdoors. You invite guests to relax and enjoy a great evening on your rooftop deck. This addition also comes as one of the more affordable ways to expand your usable living space, particularly if you don’t have the ability to expand outward. Wood or composite flooring gives you a simple layout that is easy to maintain. Add fencing and a pergola or shades for extra privacy. Select the perfect deck furniture and some greenery to create your little haven away from it all. A rooftop deck addition  in Philadelphia typically requires an investment between $21,000 and $42,000. 

What Will My Home Addition Cost in Philadelphia?

With such broad price ranges on these projects, it may be difficult for you to guess how much you need to set aside for your plans. The benefit of hiring a professional design-build firm like Bellweather Design-Build is that we can handle all aspects of your home renovation project. You need to note all the details you expect from the project, but there’s plenty of room for you to take advantage of our expertise. This will allow us to provide you with an accurate estimate that includes every step of the process.

A home addition can be expensive, but it’s also a delight to get exactly what you need in your current home. To learn more about the cost of your home addition project, contact us to talk to a remodeling specialist.

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