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Your basement could be a versatile asset to your home - one that creates a new opportunity for you and your family to enjoy more time together, or gain needed space! Imagine having a dedicated area to exercise, watch the that new series, or create an entirely separate suite to host out of town guests or relatives? From wine cellars to playrooms, a basement can service many needs, especially when you consider Philadelphia urban area housing stock and common space limitations. 

Remodeling older basements in the Philadelphia region requires an informed consideration of your needs, your home's structure, and type of foundation. Often, we see the results of determined DIY-ers who plowed ahead with their basement remodel - selected materials, hired electricians and carpenters, completing the cosmetics. Sadly, the results are usually an "underground" atmosphere. We find poor ventilation, high humidity, ground and wall moisture as well as unsafe living conditions including carbon monoxide risks as well as illegal fire escape route conditions. These renovations are often unused and finishes become water damaged over a short time. A successful basement renovation requires much more planning than deciding who will drywall and frame the space. Basement remodeling (done correctly) requires a systematic assessment plan completed by trained professionals. The Building Performance Institute is a nationally proven training program that Bellweather Design-Build has used to create our pre-construction process. If you expect your basement renovation to add value to your home, it needs to be safe and it needs to last. If done correctly, your project can transform ugly basement storage space into your family's most needed living areas. 

For more on basement remodeling in Philadelphia- we invite you to take a look at our entire portfolio of specialty remodels here

Types of Basement Remodels in Philadelphia

Basements can be more than just cold, dirty storage; they can become new focus areas for your family to enjoy - especially when winter comes!

Basement transformations can include adding a kid's playroom to give them a place to get crazy, a quiet office or home-teaching and study area, a pool room, a training room with gym mats for a private at-home exercise experience, an entertainment room full of games or activities, an secluded escape space with couches, and so much more. You can separate your furnace and water heater away into a closet very easily. Basement remodels around Philadelphia can include a half-bath, full bath or laundry room to create multi-use functionality.

Below are a handful of popular basement remodels here in Philadelphia and its Main Line Suburbs:

Kids Playroom

Turning your basement into a kids playroom is a great way to give your kids and yourself some much-needed space. This creative, independent type of play has proven, positive effects on children's brains and on their ability to develop. Research has shown that creative, independent play may provide a child's most valuable mode for learning.

This children's playroom is complete with a custom playhouse with “Victorian” details, climbing wall, and rope swing Learn more about this amazing basement remodel here. 


Pool Room or Spa

Create your own relaxing getaway without even leaving your house by turning your basement into a pool room or spa. Get the relaxation you deserve! This basement features a 14′ X 7′ heated pool with “endless” water circulator, comfortable, “anti-slip” composite flooring, and built-in bench seating and storage.

Learn more about this stunning Spruce Hill Basement with Endless Pool here

Entertainment & Recreation Area 

If you are running low on recreation and entertainment space, what better use for your basement is there than to turn it into an entertainment area! This entertainment area features built-in storage below the existing stairwell, built-in wall cabinetry in the basement bathroom, waterproof vinyl plank flooring, and frosted glass windows.

Read more about this University City Sports and Recreational Basement here.


How Much Does a Basement Remodel Cost?

Full basement remodels range anywhere from $70,000 to over $130,000. There are so many differing needs and quality expectations for basement remodels, which is why there is such a wide range of costs. The lower end of basement remodels include modest transformations, such as controlling moisture, finishing walls and leveling floors. Higher cost basement remodels often include lowering floors and other specialized features. 

For more information on the cost of basement remodels, read How Much Does a Basement Remodel Cost in Philadelphia?

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